We are Leandro and Lorenzo, two brothers living in Breda (NL) and Terneuzen (NL). From a young age we had a camera in our hands and we started to delve more and more into this creative art called photo and film. Since we have been in the profession individually for years, we decided to work together under one name. As traveling flows through our blood and we have a growing urge for discovery, the name Wanderbros was born. We distinguish ourselves by bringing together cinematography, detail and music that touches you. Capturing the right moment is no coincidence, you need to feel it!

How do we work?
We think it is important that we get to know each other better. Our films and photos are made on the basis of emotion, detail and feeling. That is why we always have an introductory meeting prior to the wedding in which we discuss the basics and discuss the day roughly. A few weeks before the wedding we start a WhatsApp group in which we go over the latest details and schedule.

The big day is there, now what? We are basically proverbially invisible. It’s about you and we do our thing. Of course we will give directions and exchange ideas during shooting, but in general you are in control.

After the wedding we will leave you alone for a while. Most people go on a honeymoon and we respect that. In most cases we use a delivery period of 1.5 months. As soon as we have finished editing the photos and film, we will contact you and you will receive a special link from us where everything can be viewed / downloaded.

Leandro Valentino Obrie
Joan Pere Villalon Montaño